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ISBN: 978-0-87127-222-5
Editorial: DANCE BOOKS
Sinopsis: My book Ballet Barre Enchainements, originally published in 1994, contained Labanotation and descriptions of barre combinations for various levels of expertise. In order to reach a greater audience, my publisher thought it would be interesting to include this earlier book with a new offering of ballet center combinations. Instead of one large book containing both Labanotation and descriptions of barre and center combinations, three books have been developed. One contains only descriptions of the barre and center combinations; the second provides original music by Dr. Suzanne Knosp, and the third contains the Labanotation of all combinations. The ballet center section contains combinations taught by guest ballet teachers in residence at me University of Iowa in the spring of 1991: Basil Thompson, Michael Simms, Jeffery N. Bullock, and Margaret McLaughlin Blair. Their diversity is represented by their affiliations with major companies such as the Royal Ballet, Jeffrey Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and Hamburg Ballet. “Written notes were made of combinations taught both in Majors Ballet I (intermediate level) and Major Ballet HI (advanced level), and formal interviews were taped. After the guest teachers had departed, a complete documentation of their classes was forwarded for their review and approval. It should be noted that this is not a compilation of classes, but rather a selection of exercises or one day’s classwork that can be utilized when deemed appropriate. The combinations included in this book can be valuable to the reader in a variety of ways. Teachers who are often unable to attend workshops or study with others may turn to these examples as teaching aids. They give teachers the opportunity to see ballet from different and stimulating perspectives. The steps may be arranged in an unfamiliar order, stress a different concept, or be more challenging rhythmically. I hope you will enjoy the variety it offers. ·… ”

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