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18 may 2015


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ISBN: 978-0-946062-20-1
Editorial: SEDIREP
Sinopsis: Takayuki Kubota has during his thirty year career, put to good use the techniques he developed as an undercover operative and special tactics instructor to the Kamata Police Dept. Tokyo Japan.

Internationally renowned as the Inventor of the side handle police baton and “Kubotan Keychain”, he has regularly taught the FBI, DEA and covert operatives, as well as law-enforcement instructors from numerous countries around the world.

This book is a compilation of the latest, best and most useful techniques that the author has developed both for professional police officers, and private citizens who are exposed to special risks. With such an arsenal, you need fera no man!

The author
Yesterday’s crime. Historial background
Atemi Waza. Nerve Holds for control
Straight Baton. Techniques
Angled Baton. Techniques
Kubotan Keychain. Techniques
Unarmed Techniques
Civil disobedience. Techniques
Armed Assailant. One to Seven
Special Techniques. One to Four
Multiple Assailants. One to Three.
Handcuffing. One and Two
Fingerprinting. One and Two….

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