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19 may 2015


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ISBN: 978-1-84126-008-2
Sinopsis: This book is concerned with the relationship, from a philosophical perspective, between dance pedagogy and the core values of dance. Contributions are by established scholars of international repute from the United Kingdom and the USA. These international scholars include the founding ÒfathersÒ of recent dance aesthetics, and a new generation of philosophical theorists of dance. Although the book is written on a rigorously philosophical basis, nevertheless its avoidance of undue technicality guarantees its accessibility to the general reader. The editorÕs introduction locates the separate contributions in the broader context of contemporary debate.

The book features discussions of:

- Dance understanding and appreciation
- The nature of dance
- The educational potential of dance
- The place of dance in higher education
- The place of philosophy in dance studies
Of essential interest to the academic and research community, the book will also serve as a valuable resource for students.

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