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ISBN: 978-0-00-715679-5
Editorial: COLLINS
Sinopsis: The Juice Master is back … with a vengeance!

In this superb companion to his bestselling Slim 4 Life book, The Juice Master, Jason Vale, not only offers….
•oodles of fantastic juice and smoothie recipes
•the complete A-Z of fruit and veg
•how to choose the best, fresh produce
•super-fast juicing tips
•how to set up a Juice Master Kitchen

…. but also adds his usual large pinch of mental inspiration designed to get you well and truly juiced 4 life!

So, if you’re looking for a juicing book with a lot more juice than your regular juicing/health book, you’ve found it-one thing’s for shure, you will never look at “fast food” the same way again.

‘Juicing is nature’s ultimate fast food and every time you have a glass of the “elixir of life” you are pouring “live” liquid sunshine into every cell of your body’. Jason Vale

Vibrant health, a slim, trim, light bod, glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, the ultimate health insurance policy, and tremendous amouns of pure, “live”, raw energy are all your for the taking with The Juice Master’s Ultimate Fast Food.

Jason Vale is simply the ultimate health coach. He has been describes as the UK’s Anthony Robbins and the Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world. Author of Thj Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life, he is popular with radio and TV audiences and gives regular public seminars and talks.

1.Fast Food
2.We don’t need to know
3.What we do need to know
4.Pure liquid gold
5.Why juice Mr Juice Master?
6.Get up and get juiced
7.The juice master’s fast food breakfast
8.The juice master’s ultimate spring cleaning plan
9.Don’t overdo the fruit juice
10.How to set up a juice master fast food kitchen
11.How to made a juice – fast
12.What machine?
13.The juice master’s juicing tips
14.The A-Z guide to nature’s fasts foods
•Let’s get fruity
•Vegetable fruits
16.Questions and answers…

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