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ISBN: 978-0-8048-3631-9
Editorial: TUTTLE
Sinopsis: First time martial arts students are not just starting a program of physical and mental practice. They are entering a new world–one that not only has new rules, new goals, and even new clothing—but that also offers them lots of new opportunities for fun and accomplishment. Contents: The History of Taekwondo . . Styles . Why Should I Learn Taekwondo?. What You Shoud Wear . How to Tie the Belt . What the different belt colors mean?. Black Belts. The Dojang. Description. . Rules and Etiquette. How to Act Toward the léacher, How to Act Toward Other Students. Before Class. During Class. End of Class. What’s Next?. Warming Up. Stretching . Stances. Blocks. Kicks. Other Moves. Poomse (Forms). Testing for Belt Promotion. Entering a Tournament. The Five Aims of Taekwondo. Respect. Humilityi. Perseverance . Self-Control . Honesty….

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