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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-1-58160-701-7
Editorial: PALADIN
Sinopsis: Whether you have practiced Mark Hatmaker’s best-selling Gladiator Conditioning course and are ready for something tougher, or are in elite condition already and need to push yourself to the limits and beyond, this video production and spiral-bound companion workbook from Paladin Press have what you’re looking for. This workout regimen is designed to make you into the strongest of the strong, focusing on building functional muscle and developing incredible endurance for any realm of combat, from the ring to the octagon or the street. The exercises taught in this video require a minimum of equipment, but a maximum of commitment. From the variations on pull-ups and chin-ups that will not only launch your upper body strength into the stratosphere but also vastly increase your grip strength to the push-up and squat variations that are grueling enough to make a strong man cry, this challenging workout has what you need to keep yourself in top fighting condition. Included are a core workout done in real time and a neck and back grinder for those elite grapplers interested in performing a perfect suplex. For information purposes only.

Two DVD-Rs/ 130 minutes

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