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ISBN: 978-1-84126-090-7
Sinopsis: TIPS FOR SUCCESS – ICE-SKATING is a clear and user-friendly introduction to the basics of figure-skating, ice-dancing, speed-skating and ice hockey and presents various movements and patterns on the ice that can be carried out with little previous experience. After a short historical summary of skating sports, tips are given on equipment and injury prevention. Subsequent chapters are dedicated to different age-groups, from small children to the elderly and give advice on how to carry out various techniques and movements. From artistic spins, to elegant dance steps, to fast curve-skating techniques: the book provides useful suggestions for every kind of ice-skating discipline. There are many ideas for games and fun exercises, with a partner or with different pieces of equipment, to make skating enjoyable. The best thing is that all the tips and suggestions given in this book can be applied to in-line skating in the summer.

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