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19 May 2015



ISBN: 978-0-7322-8330-8
Sinopsis: An illustrated anthology of the best of Australian surf writing.

‘Together they paddled hard to meet the rearing, feathered swells. Everywhere was spray and sunlight and upreaching force. Leaper and his companion scrambled atop the first and skittered down its back into the path of the next, leaving behind the sound of an avalanche.’

– Tim Winton

Paddle the Ka’iwi Channel between Hawaiian islands with Tom Carroll

Roam the mean streets of Maroubra with Koby Abberton

Cruise remotest Indonesia on a luxury surf charter with Kelly Slater

Trade waves and wild yarns with Nat Young in Angourie

Search the remote Victorian coastline with Wayne Lynch

Dodge cleanup sets at Jaws and Mavericks with the world’s top big wave surfers

Trace the last days of surfing’s black knight Miki Dora

Ponder the ancient origins of surfing, tackle circus gorillas in Peru, and feel the ground shake as a huge swell hits the North Shore of Oahu

This collection of great Australian surf stories sheds new light on the ‘moveable feast’ that is modern surfing, and gives an intimate insider’s view of the mad compulsion to ride waves – whatever the costs.

If you’ve never surfed, these stories will make you want to start. If you already surf, they’ll remind you why you’re never going to stop.

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