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ISBN: 978-988-98184-1-8
Editorial: ROBERT LEE
Sinopsis: Long awaited and, many would no doubt say, long overdue from Robert Lee and siblings (in the form of the Lee Family Association) we have the first of a four-set series which steers away from the long hinted at controversy in favour of a respectable, coffee-table-friendly, photo album approach, stuffed with private family pictures and fluffy commentary.

As with much of David Tadman’s output, this volume has come in for a fair bit of criticism due to its cost and alleged exploitation of a starving fan-base. The twisted rabidity of a malevolent few suffocates their ability to grasp why this would command such a hefty price-tag. A large, hardback volume with a glossy outer sleeve and quality stitched binding can’t come cheap, especially with its print run limited to a thousand copies. It looks and feels like a quality item; but what of the content? This period of Bruce Lee’s life is uninteresting to many, lacking the sexiness and celebrity that was to come when he finally hit his stride in 1971; for me it represents a transitional period that supports everything that followed, captured here with clarity and compassion, managing to maintain its focus where comparable publications, such as Bruce Lee: The Untold Story, tended to lose their way.

The book really comes into its own with Doug Palmer’s article of his Summer with Bruce Lee, previously seen in the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus publication a number of years ago, which empowers the imagery, leaving the end section of the book feeling as though it would benefit from greater exposition. That said the majority of images have a strength that offsets the weakness of some of the text, especially the period costume shot of Bruce Lee’s father blended with one of his son in similar garb […]” De www.bruceleereview.co.uk. Edición de lujo limitada y firmada por ROBERT LEE y PHOEBE LEE. Cartoné con sobrecubierta…. ”

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