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8 Sep 2011



{magictabs} Training::

Here at Alto Rendimiento we offer high quality online and distance sports training. We have a selection process in which we evaluate and consider the vocation and career aspirations of the student. We are a center with 10 years of experience and our teachers are all professionals. This means that through staying “active”, the teacher must be fully up-to-date in order to perform adequately in their profession. This keeps the student constantly updated and any needs and concerns to be found in the professional world can be met. As of August 2011, more than 1200 students interested in fitness and health have used our center.

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|||| Magazine::

Revista Internacional Alto Rendimiento“Alto Rendimiento” magazine is a non-profit, free access publication now read by more than 30000 users of our center. The magazine is published in print (paid subscription) and online (free version). “Alto Rendimiento” magazine is for all those who seek to directly or indirectly improve their training and sports performance, learn about injury prevention and appropriate recovery, improve their training habits with examples and models used by other technicians and coaches of international renown. These aspects are reflected in a number of sections that have been covered in each issue, from sports psychology to nutrition, to the latest training techniques and specific tactics to be followed in order to properly train for competitions or simply stay in shape.Find out more


|||| Congresses::

Colección Congresos Deportivos

The Sports Congress Collection contains thousands of articles and presentations from numerous congresses of Sports Science, Training and Fitness.

The Editorial Department at Alto Rendimiento offers cost effective publishing services of conference proceedings in multimedia format to the event organizers.

There is also a comprehensive events calendar on our website for future congresses and conferences related to Sport, Physical Education and Health.

In this section you can see some examples.

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|||| Tests::

The tests section – “Measure Your Potential” – consists of a series of tools and calculators classified in different categories in order to easily get results and measurements of different variables related to exercise and health.

We are updating the calculators periodaically, if you want to be notified about them you just have to register on our website free of charge.


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|||| Library::

On Alto Rendimiento’s website you can access a vast library with price comparison for more than 2000 books related to sports science, training and fitness.

The book price comparison will allow you to choose which book you want to buy and where to buy it from the largest online retailers without having to spend hours searching the Internet.

Choose the book you’re interested in, compare the prices and buy it at the store that suits you.Find out more


|||| Staff::

At Alto Rendimiento we count on our global team of collaborators. In this section we have included those who started with us from the first issue of the magazine or have a website. All of them are backed by solid knowledge from the university they belong to or are backed by a group of experts keeping up with advances in sports performance in their field. From here you can know more about them and visit their websites.

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|||| Community::

Maximizing the advantages that new technologies offer us means “staying connected”. This is what the community of Alto Rendimiento allows you to do.

Who is interested in things that interest you?
Who knows people you would like to know?
Where are the jobs you are looking for?
Where can you make yourself known to thousands of people with diverse interests?
What do you want to present to them?
What do you do that others do not?

We invite you to join our social network and enjoy an enriching community experience.Find out more



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