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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-0-7360-6476-7
Sinopsis: Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation is the complete guide to understanding the entire process of choreography, from concept to stage production. Thousands of dancers and dance instructors have used the first two editions of this book to solve common challenges in choreography, improvise movement phrases, expand movements into dances, and organize dances into complete productions and concerts.

This updated edition includes examples of how today’s multimedia technology can be used to enhance choreography with special lighting effects, slide and PowerPoint projections, virtual dance performances, video conferencing, and motion capture. Each chapter contains movement exploration exercises, review and reflection questions, and application challenges that will help readers develop a better understanding of the choreographic concepts provided. And more than 70 high-quality photos provide a visual frame of reference and clarify key concepts.

Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation bridges the theoretical and practical aspects of the choreographic process. It is an excellent reference for serious dancers, choreographers, dance instructors, and teachers who want to understand the creative process of transforming movement into dance.



Chapter 1. Exploring and Improvising Movement
The Creative Process
Observation and Feeling Response
Movement Discovery
Solving Improvisational Challenges
Finding the Right Music
Exploring Your Movement Inspirations

Chapter 2. Designing and Shaping the Dance
Manipulating Movement
Arranging Movement for Effective Communication
Creating a Total Picture
Choreographic Ideas From Postmodern Dance
Extending Dance Making With Technology
Developing the Design and Shape of Your Dance

Chapter 3. Identifying Choreographic Form
Choreographic Form and Development
Style of Dance
Subject Matter of Dance
Finishing Touches
Learning to Choreograph
Learning Choreographic Form

Chapter 4. Staging the Performance
Planning and Organization
Technical Considerations
Informal Concerts
Time to Perform

Appendix A Choreography Resources
Appendix B Forms and Checklists
Appendix C Dance and Technology Web Sites

About the Author


Reference for serious dancers, choreographers, dance instructors, and teachers who want to understand the creative process of transforming movement into dance.

Sandra Cerny Minton, PhD, was professor and dance director at the University of Northern Colorado from 1972 to 1998. She is now a dance specialist in the public schools. Her other books include Modern Dance: Body & Mind (1991), Dance Mind & Body (2003), and Preventing Dance Injuries (2005), on which she served as a coeditor. Dr. Minton’s research has focused on dance teachers’ behaviors, the role of imagery in teaching dance, and the effects of dance on students’ self-esteem and creative thinking. This research has been published in several juried journals. In 1999, Dr Minton was selected as the National Dance Association Artist/Scholar, and in 2001 she taught in Finland as a Fulbright Scholar.

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