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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-1-58160-428-3
Editorial: PALADIN
Sinopsis: The Gladiator Conditioning Workbook is the hands-on companion to Mark Hartmaker’s acclaimed Gladiator Conditioning DVD/video. Together, these titles make up the Gladiator Conditioning Course, a scientifically sound progression of strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises specifically designed to meet the needs of the hard-core combat athlete. In addition to providing a convenient training reference that you can take with you anywhere, this unique workbook contains bonus supplemental material that will supercharge your personal combat fitness training, including:

* The key scientific principles of the Gladiator Conditioning Course
* The real meaning of combat fitness and how to achieve it
* Breath control secrets that will significantly increase your fighting endurance
* How to develop mental toughness for training and combat
* Variations on the core Eight to Hate, Grappler’s Dozen, and Sandbag Workout exercises
* No-nonsense nutritional advice for the serious combat athlete
* Customized Gladiator Workout schedules for athletes of all levels, including “pro” training routines and Hatmaker’s patented “shock” workouts for ultimate fighting fitness

Whether you battle on the mat, in the ring, or on the street, this phenomenal fitness program will help you develop the targeted strength and endurance you need to win. Take the Gladiator Conditioning challenge and you’ll be ready to take on all challengers….

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