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19 May 2015



ISBN: 978-1-886969-86-5
Editorial: YMAA
Sinopsis: Are you serious about your Tai Chi practice? Then 101 Reflections on Tai Chi Chuan is the book for you! Chock-full of insights, advice, and observations from a long time teacher and champion, designed to help you get the most from your practice. Discover the remarkable health and spiritual benefits that Tai Chi can offer, with this user-friendly, motivational pocket guide. This collection will not only enrich your practice but your entire life.

And it’s not only for Tai Chi — whatever your Martial Art, whatever your spiritual path, 101 Reflections into Tai Chi Chuan is a wonderful guide, abundant with great ideas you can use right away!

* Deepen your Understanding for Great Tai Chi.
* Inspiration and Advice for a Lifetime of Practice.
* For All Styles and All Levels of Experience.


Michael Gilman

Michael Gilman, a long time teacher in the human potential movement, was born in San Francisco, California in 1943. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Theatre Arts, he worked as a television director, actor, and dancer. Mr. Gilman began his studies of Tai Chi Chuan in 1968 with Master Choy Kam-Man in San Francisco. Master Choy’s father, Choy Hok Peng, a long time student of Yang Chen Fu, is credited with introducing Tai Chi to America in the 1940’s. END

Taijiquan Journal Summer 2002

… a delightful variety of entries related to or arising from over thirty years of taiii and related practices. This is his second book of his meditations and it is well worth the investment– More than a personal journal of daily rneditations, 101 Reflections is instructional as well as inspirational. . . . What makes this set of reflections most valuable, however, is that while Gilman shares his expertise, experience, and philosophical approach; his is not a didactic voice. While he is not afraid to draw his own parallels between taiji practice and living fully in one’s life, his intention seems to be only to share, not to insist . . . . it offers something for everyone. is deep, lyrical, and grounded in practicality.

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