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19 May 2015



ISBN: 978-0-7360-3708-2
Sinopsis: It’s the final frame. The score is tight. Everything hinges on your very next throw. How do you rise above the din and the distractions to take your seat at the top?

The pressures of the game can make bowling one of the most mentally demanding sports around. In Focused for Bowling, you’ll discover focus cues and other attention-centering techniques that can transform your game and keep you from making careless mistakes at critical points. Learn the concepts that professionals use to keep their head in the game when everything is riding on the line.

Focused for Bowling provides proven advice to help you pick up spares more consistently, recover from and avoid slumps, and get more satisfaction from each trip to the alley. From progressive muscle-relaxation techniques to positive self-talk, Focused for Bowling gives you the mental edge you need to make the transition from social bowling to the competitive scene.

Considered the leading authority on bowling psychology, Dean Hinitz is a regular columnist in Bowling This Month. To pick up your game, pick up this book and see why some of the country’s most elite competitors trust Hinitz to give them the advice they need for more accurate, confident, and consistent performance when the pressure is on!


Introduction: The View From the Top

Chapter 1 Self-Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 2 Envisioning Success on the Lanes
Chapter 3 Establishing a Preshot Routine
Chapter 4 Staying in Sync Through the Shot Cycle
Chapter 5 Dealing With Adverse Conditions
Chapter 6 The Secret to Making Spares
Chapter 7 Burnout
Chapter 8 Slump Busting
Chapter 9 Practice and Training

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