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ISBN: 978-84-9828-336-5
Sinopsis: Bajo el titulo Iberoamerican Advances in Research on Exercise and Healt se recoge una serie de trabajos centrados en la interrelación entre deporte y las ciencias médicas.

Effects of resistance training on post-menopausal women: a project by Perez Sea J, Shiguemoto GE.
Exercise physiology applied to experimental models in rodents by Gobatto C, Mello MA, Manchado-Gobatto F, Araujo G.
Desing and Application of training programs to reduce oxidative damage in down syndrome: An update by Ordoñez FJ and others
Circuit resistance training exercises in sedentary adult women: an increase in free fat mass and a reduction in fat mass without changing inflammatory cytokines response by Ferreira FC, Perez SEA
Body Composition, Health and physical fitness: the esccola study, an experience in young spanish population by Alvero Cruz Jr, and others
Intermittent and continuous physical training models in rats by Araujo G, Gobbato C, and others
An 8-week training program attenuated mitochondrial oxidative stress in the liver of psychological stressed rats by Rosety I, Rosey MA and others.
Cancer modulation by physical activity: an animal-tumor model by Demarzo MMP and others.
Effects of simulating surfboard paddling on dynamic postural control by Camps A, and others.
Matrix metallopeptidase, jumping and anabolic androgenic steroids in muscle and tendons by Marqueti RC, and others.
A mixed protocol based on fasting exercise and supplementation increased antioxidant system in high-performance athletes with mental retardation, by Rosety MA, and others.
Changes in heat shock protein expresion in rat skeletal muscle in response to a single bout of incremental treadmill exercise.
Regular exercise as a healthy tool to reduce acute phase proteins in women with metabolic syndrome by Rosety-Rodriguez M, and others.
Use of antioxidant supplementation in the recovery of high performance cyclists by Arroyo-Garcia P. Camps and others
The physiology applied to high performance swimming: the anaerobic and aerobic evaluation by Gobbatto C.
A 12 week aerobic training protocol improved antioxidant status in women with down syndrome, by Diaz Ordoñez and others

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