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21 Feb 2012

II Congres de edad d’eports en escola

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II Congres de edad d’eports en escola

The city of Milan believes that the education of young people is one of the institutions’ priority tasks specifically addressed to the citizens of tomorrow. This vision was realized in 2000 under the leadership of  Filippo Grassia, the president of the Italian Olympic Commette (CONI) in Milan. The new president in fact was able to create synergy among the so-called “magic triangle” – CONI, City borough and local Schools – for the pursuing of wellness and to improve the quality of life starting from the youngest population (children in schooling).

More specifically, which is the topic of this presentation, the three institutions worked together on three projects with three groups of children of different ages. Projects were tailored on the needs of each age group and conducted by physical education degree personnel:

Project 1 – Movement and Wellness (group1: 3 to 5 years)
Project 2 – Playsport (group 2: 6 to 10 years) ;
Project 3 – Youth Games (group 3: approx. 11. to 14 years, boys and girls  attending junior school).

Project 1 – MOVEMENT AND WELLNESS – has proposed a course of basic motor patterns in kindergarten, which, starting from game and movement, has enhanced and promoted cultural assumptions essential to the development of healthy habits in early childhood aiming at prevention and acquisition of healthy lifestyles. In view of the specific age group the contents of the project have focused on the development of patterns of walking, running, jumping etc.. and have proposed a methodology that stimulate imagination and creativity trying to make  the child’s movements simulate animals’ ones.

Project 2 – PLAYSPORT
This primary school project started in 2004 under the name of FIRSTSPORT. In this project physical education teachers were brought into the class in cooperation with the official teacher with the goal of introducing the pupils,  to five sports activities once a week for a total of 30 hours per year. The activities: soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby and athletics were proposed especially in social contexts of early problems in school activities.

The project was launched in 111 classes in 2004 with the goal of expanding,  in the last edition 2010-11  to 1631 classes for about 35,000 students. With the funding from CONI Italy’ and  from the Italian Ministry of Education in the last three years  was extended to another 700 classes, and named “MOTOR LITERACY”.

Project 3 – YOUTH GAMES
The leading  role played by CONI  in  Milan in past is currently developing in the choice of a new target on which to invest: the first level of secondary school attended by boys / girls aged 11 to 14 years, which represents a new challenge in view of Expo 2015. The project for these boys is called “Youth Games” and has seen a continual increase in participation that has been reflected in the edition 2010-11 with 56 classes participating. For these boys and girls  the CONI  of Milan is planning a series of specific initiatives aimed at enhancing post-school sports (demographic research, technical training modules Federation, sports events and structural interventions in sport facilities) and mostly of the enforcing actions against drop out of sport among girls aged 11 to 14.


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