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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-1-84797-191-3
Editorial: CROWOOD
Sinopsis: At one time, indoor rowing machines were used mainly by seasoned outdoor rowers for winter training, but since the 1990s indoor rowing has expanded enormously and has grown into an individual sport. Every year international competitions take place, the most important being the World Championships, the European Championships and the British Championships, the latter being held in Birmingham.

Indoor Rowing for Fitness and Competition teaches you the most effective and safest workouts using indoor rowing machines, and aims to provide you with fast results whether you are trying to achieve weight loss, training in connection with another sport, or if you are preparing for one of the many indoor rowing events. Everything you need to know about indoor rowing is covered including its history; the different types of machine and how they work; how to improve your endurance and strength conditioning; and how to develop your rowing techniques. It also provides training programmes to suit everyone, whether they are interested in participating in an indoor rowing event of 2000 metres, or an indoor rowing marathon.

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