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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-0-89750-058-6
Editorial: OHARA
Sinopsis: This book is the second in a series of basic reference texts dealing with hand-to-hand combat/special weapons training and tactics for the Special Warfare Branches of the United States Military. It is intended for use by Airborne/Rangers/Special Forces/UDT/SEAL/ Force Recon/Commando personnel. Subsequent volumes will follow, bringing a series of texts dealing with all aspects of the newest form of close-combat warfare developed for Special Warfare units since 1942. This system of training was developed from the basis of an ancient system of fighting, HWARANGDO, utilized by Korean warriors for over 2,000 years, reconstructed and developed for use by a Special Research Group comprised of former Special Forces/Rangers/UDT/SEAL Instructors for hand-to-hand combat, headed and directed by Mr. Echanis. For over 2,000 years, HWARANGDO has been a major, but little-known, Korean martial art. It emerged from the shrouds of secrecy only within the past few years. For centuries HWARANGDO served as a model system and institution of study for a core of young aristocrats who would later produce the generals, statesmen and great leaders of Korea. For the first time, the ancient ideals and systems of combat are brought into the contemporary American military training experience. A portion of this training has provided the basis for this book. We cannot stress enough that it is a basic text only….

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