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ISBN: 978-0-87127-267-6
Editorial: DANCE BOOKS
Sinopsis: Part I: Basic Pointe Work Beginner-Low Intermediate is a redesigned, updated and expanded version of Thalia Mara’s Fourth Steps in Ballet: On Your Toes! Basic Pointe Work. Its purpose is to present a clear and simple exposition of beginner-low intermediate pointe work, while inspiring students towards higher achievements.

Dancing on pointe is the ultimate in technical attainment for the female ballet dancer, and competition can be the final step in winning a contract and launching a professional career. But no matter how far the dancer progresses, the basics remain the foundation to which she returns in her continued training. Learning basic technique correctly is essential because bad habits may never be unlearned. With its 240 instructional drawings, 96 instructional photographs, and concisely written explanations, On Pointe is a reference for a ballerina throughout her dancing years.

Part II: A Look at the USA International Ballet Competition goes beyond the basics by providing information for further study, leading up to preparation for competition. As a ballet teacher for over fifty years and artistic director of the USA International Ballet Competition, Thalia Mara was involved in all levels of training. A history of the USA International Ballet Competition is given in the book, along with interviews with competition winners who have gone on to professional careers. These interviews are provided by coauthor Janice Barringer (who is also coauthor of The Pointe Book, Second Edition). This section is intended to offer helpful advice from those who have been there,” and to encourage students to think about their future as dancers. The book concludes with a biography of Thalia Mara, detailing her many achievements as performer, teacher and writer.

144 pages, 9″ x 7″, paperbound 240 instructional drawings,
96 instructional photographs, and 45 photographs of
the USA International Ballet Competition and Thalia Mara… ”

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