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ISBN: 978-1-58160-666-9
Editorial: PALADIN
Sinopsis: Hall of fame wrestler Ed Strangler” Lewis and his legendary manager and promoter, Billy Sandow, were founding fathers of professional wrestling. The two men helped transform wrestling from local matches to traveling circus tours, with celebrity wrestlers, full cards and packed arenas filled with screaming fans.

Feared inside the ring for his crippling submission holds, Lewis was respected outside the ring for his extensive knowledge of wrestling. In 1926 he and Sandow compiled their vast knowledge of physical conditioning, fighting and wrestling into an eight-­volume collection, called the Sandow-Lewis Library. These books became instant classics and were instrumental in teaching the science of wrestling and physical fitness to generations of wrestling aficionados. Long out of print, copies of these individual volumes are hard to find and command such steep prices when they do surface that it is virtually impossible for wrestling or fighting enthusiasts today to own the entire collection. Now they can through this exclusive reprint collection from Paladin Press. Wrestling contains Volumes VI-VIII of the original series, or you can buy all three titles as a set and save…. ”

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