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ISBN: 978-0-00-713303-1
Editorial: COLLINS
Sinopsis: If you want to be slim for a week, go on a diet.

If you want to be Slim 4 Life, read this book!

Many people through hard work, willpower, discipline and nightmare diet plans manage to be slim, but very few manage to stay Slim 4 Life. For the first time, Jason Vale, The Juice master, not only makes it easy to reach the land of the slim, trim, and healthy, but supplies you with a truly unique way of thinking about foods that will enable you to achieve the seemingly impossible.

This book is like no other on this subject, a true revelation!

•Exposes the true nature of drug, like foods
•Gives you total mental and physical freedom never to diet again
•Destroys the brainwashing and conditioning you’ve been subject to since birth
•Enables you to love the process of change without the need for willpower of control.
•Finally sets you completely free from The Food Trap!

Jason Vale is simply the ultimate health coach. Having been a heavy smoker and drinker, and never less than 28lb overweight himself, no one is more qualified to coach pepole than the Juice Master. He has been describes as the UK’s Anthony Robbins and the Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world. He was the key presenter at the Vitality Roadshow which toured the UK and people fly from many parts of the world to attend his much talked about Slim 4 Life Ultimate Health Seminars.


1.Oh no! Not another diet book!
2.Never go on a diet again
3.Change your brand
4.We don’t need to know
5.Why do people ear junk food?
6.Let’s get physical
7.Oh sugar!
8.Fat free
9.Pinch of salt
10.The wonderfuld pelasures of eating rubbish
11.Change your mood by eating some food
12.Chocs away!
13.Out to lunch
14.Fast food
15.A meaty problema
16.‘Dairy’ arians
17.Pasta la vista baby
18.Lethal combination
20.Liquid asset
21.Diet Coke break
22.Coffe wake up call
23.Blind drunk
24.Pounds and pounds
25.The mouse trap
26.What you are giving up
27.The ‘diet’ recipe
28.The ultimate fat-busting health pill
29.The fastest food in the West
30.Furniture disease
31.The best exercise programme in the world
32.People phobia
33.Get busy living or get busy dying
34.The food police
35.Give your brain a break
36.Breakfast like a king
37.Let’s do lunch
38.Go and play
39.What’s for dinner?
40.Be flexible
41.You’ve got a ticket to the big game
42.Re-tune, re-tune and re-tune
43.JM’s combining tips
46.Q & A
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