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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-4-7700-2979-9
Editorial: KODANSHA
Sinopsis: Originally published in 1960, the long out-of-print Canon of Judo by Kyuzo Mifune is considered by many to be the bible of judo.” Shortly before his death Mifune revised, corrected, and clarified much of what had been published in the original text. This new edition includes all original information as well as the changes the author made to the original edition of the Canon of Judo.

Kyuzo Mifune (1883-1965) began Judo as a child, and in 1920 was awarded the rank of 10th dan. Called the “god of judo,” he was so famous that, in referring to him, the words “10th dan” alone sufficed. Legend has it that in his sixty years of practice he never lost a match and was never thrown.

His skill was perhaps the most elegant ever seen at the Kodokan and his dynamic and fluid judo was a natural basis for the explosive development of judo around the world. So much so that the comprehensive instructions and deep understanding of the practice which he outlined in The Canon of Judo. played a significant role in founding the International Judo Association, and helped judo become an Olympic sport in 1964.

With around 1000 photos of the author and his students, and techniques, The Canon of Judo. is the only book of its kind to provide techniques and the spirit of Judo. It will be an indispensable resource for all Judo practitioners…. ”

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