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19 May 2015


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ISBN: 978-1-58160-464-1
Sinopsis: What better defense from assault is there than the development of a physical body so tough that striking it actually causes more pain and injury to the attacker than to you? And what better instructor to help you attain this ultimate combat conditioning than Mike Reeves, a nine-time International Sport Karate Association World Karate Champion and a four-time Guinness-certified world record holder in breaking?

In Ultimate Combat Conditioning for the Street Warrior, Reeves reveals his conditioning secrets, including what “Superman” conditioning is and how you can achieve it; how to harden your outer body to withstand the most powerful kicks, punches and blows; how to develop the proper mind-set for the rigors of street combat, how natural weapons development can be channeled to build explosive speed, power and strength; the best cardio routines to give you the heart and lungs of a warrior; how to maximize flexibility to avoid injury; and key kicks and strikes to end street fights quickly and decisively.

The exercises in this book can be done anywhere and don’t require an expensive gym membership or high-tech equipment. Whether you want to break boards or bones, train with world champion breaker and street warrior Mike Reeves. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 112 pp.

Mike Reeves and Robert G. Yetman Jr. are the authors of the Paladin book Power Breaking and video Power Breaking for Sport and Self-Defense. Sensei Reeves, a seventh degree black belt in the Isshinryu style of karate, is president of Lone Wolf Personal Defense Systems Inc. He can be contacted at www.mikereevesonline.com. Robert Yetman is a professional freelance writer who specializes in the area of investments and general financial services. Vice president of Lone Wolf Personal Defense Systems Inc., he lives in Orlando, Florida, with his son, Brandon….

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