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18 May 2015



ISBN: 978-1-58160-484-9
Editorial: PALADIN
Sinopsis: In Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System author Dwight McLemore explored the history of James Bowie and the Bowie knife and laid out a basic fighting system for large blades. In Advanced Bowie Techniques, McLemore builds on this foundation, ratcheting up the instruction to teach you more complex fighting techniques with the Bowie knife. Using the same highly effective workbook format, McLemore pairs step-by-step instructions with realistic illustrations to make the fighting sequences come alive. His uncanny ability to convey subtle motion and movement in his drawings allows readers to fully understand and learn the dynamic art of knife fighting. Progressive drills combine techniques into sequences designed to show you how to maximize time, distance and movement to create openings for attacking or defending yourself against one or more opponents.

Advanced Bowie Techniques is for anyone who wants to learn how to fight with a big blade or improve the skills he already has. 11 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 248 pp.

Dwight C. McLemore is the founder and director of The School of Two Swords in Seaford, Virginia, which provides instruction in a variety of edged weapons and close-quarter combat techniques from the 18th century through modern times. He is a member of the advisory council for the American Heritage Fighting Arts Association and a member of the Association of Historical Fencing. He is the author of two other Paladin titles, Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System and The Fighting Tomahawk….

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