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ISBN: 978-965-494-124-2
Editorial: ASTROLOG
Sinopsis: Over the course of hundreds of years, exercises for preserving physical and mental health and youthfullness were devoloped in India. These exercises belong to the art of Yoga, and constitute a technique of self-discipline that can be practiced at any age.

It is important to stress that regular Yoga practice enables the muscles, bones, and inner organs to function efficiently, and also calms the nervous systems and charges the body with essential energy. Yoga is the only exercise method based on the principle of “more power with less effort”.

Everyone can do Yoga exercises, it doesn’t matter how old you are o at what age you begin. These are not empty claims. The author o this book was born in 1917 and was 84 years old when she posed for the 160 photographs that accompany the exercises in the book.

Are you able to do these exercises at your present age?

By learning and performing Rosie’s Yoga exercises on a regular basis, ther is every chance that you will also be able to do them when you reach the age of 84!

Rosie Reichmann was born in Czecholslovakia in 1917, and immigrated to England in 1973. There she was afflicted with severe back pains that caused her to spend the next 20 years consulting all the top specialists in England and Switzerland – to no avail. Finally, at age 40, she reached the Iyengar Yoga Clinic in London, where her back pains were completely cured, thanks to the exercises she learned there, studying to become a Yoga teacher.

In 1975, she immigrated to Israel, and to this day – at the age of 84 – teaches Yoga on a daily basis. She considers her work to be a mission for the benefit of humanity.

One of Rosie’s lecture on yoga
Resume – My personal journey to yoga
Introduction to the exercises
Exercises standing up
Sitting on a mattress
Exercises sitting on a mattress
Exercises lying on a mattress
Exercises for the arms sitting down
Exercises for the neck sitting down
Breathing exercises
Exercises for the face
Exercises for the eyes
Energy (the force of vitality)
Exercises with chairs – standing
Exercises with chairs – sitting
Advice for maintaining good health
What pupils say
Fran’s story – how this book became a reality…

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