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ISBN: 978-1-58160-451-1
Editorial: PALADIN
Sinopsis: See how the original fighting spirit and combat focus of the Indonesian tribal arts has evolved with this remarkable training manual. Silat Concepts – an easily learned program of self-defense that breathes new life into the brutally effective fighting techniques of pencak silat – was created by renowned martial artist Joseph Simonet after years of studying the Indonesian arts.

Simonet realized that the versatile, highly effective moves of pencak silat could only be used to their devastating full potential if they were liberated from the rigid interpretations that had frozen this art in place. He also knew that the secret to doing this was not in the specific combinations of movement but in the concept and method behind the movement.

Here he shows you how to harness the fierce power and fluid motion of the first six of the 18 jurus (upper-body forms) of Silat Concepts and demonstrates how to apply them in 50 fight-stopping close-combat techniques.

With simple text and hundreds of step-by-step photos, you will learn the mechanics of the jurus as solo forms and how to use them to destroy any attacker….

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