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19 may 2015


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ISBN: 978-0-9825658-9-6
Sinopsis: Far removed from other gentler forms of combat, grappling is the one-on-one embodiment of a physical altercation. Face-to-face, only the grittiest fighter with the strongest fortitude dare call himself a grappler.

The Grappler’s Manifesto is the definitive guide to the instruction of the most brutal of all fighting styles. A grappler choose not to avoid his opponent, or swiftly dispatch him at a distance, but charge headlong into his adversary, grinding him down until he collapses. The grappler prevails in close-quarter fights because of his indomitable spirit and unflinching willpower.

The Grappler’s Manifesto will instruct you in the ways of the grappler, giving you not only the technical acumen, but also the conviction to transform yourself into a dispassionate warrior who simply keeps moving forward until your opponent yields. Calling upon the experience of the most methodical, ruthless, stoic fighters of our generation, this book uses step-by-step color photographs and revealing narrative to show you exactly how the pros are able to flail their opponents on the mat and triumph over them in hand-to-hand combat. Simply put, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to suck the will from your foe and force him to surrender, you need this book.

Lance Freimuth is a writer, editor, and photographer who lives in Las Vegas, NV. He also teaches grappling at Xtreme Couture, one of the most highly respected MMA gyms in the world.

Contributors: 5-Time UFC Champion Randy Couture, former Pride and UFC Heavyweight Champion Antonio Nogueira, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin, UFC Welterweight contender John Fitch, Xtreme Training Coach Neil Melanson, World-Renowned MMA coach Greg Jackson, UFC Welterweight contender Karo Parisyan, and AKA MMA coach Dave Camarillo.

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